Are You One Of Us?

We believe politics has become too much about personalities and Parties rather than good government and sound ideas.  It’s time for there to be a “home” for people who are disillusioned with the angry, almost bullying tone in Washington and within its states where anyone who disagrees with you is the enemy. 

We believe rallying around issues which promote Responsible Government is the new and best way forward in the 21st Century.

What Do People Want?


They want a responsible government that isn’t extreme. They want sound policies without all the political drama. They want to feel like government is serving the 60% of the people in the middle today. They want candidates who appeal to “normal people” and not the extreme partisan wing of their respective parties.

In short, they want Issue Advocacy. Make it about the issues and not the elected officials. Make it about the idea and not the Party. They want Popular Issue Advocacy. Not extreme Issue Advocacy. They want Responsible Issue Advocacy.

The Word “Responsible”

Words matter.  People want a Responsible government.  Not a corrupt one.  People want a government who will serve “the people” not the extremists.  People want a government that doesn’t swing from the Left or to the Right every two or four years.  Responsible government is STABLE government.  Predictable government.  Rather than fulfilling the wish-list of the ideologies of the most extreme right or left when getting elected – we need a Responsible government that will serve us – working together.

Coalitions are often built with collections of people who care about different things…and that’s OK!


Imagine an organization that truly focused on the wants and needs of the people who aren’t on the extremes…

Where do we go from here?

For donors who are sick of being asked to write checks and then ignored, this is where we go.

For activists who are sick of supporting candidates only to then have to experience infighting because their friends support someone else – this is where we go.

For voters who are sick of looking at the ballot and saying, “is the best we’ve got? Is this the best we can do?”  This is where we go.

So let’s answer some basic questions….

We gather together.  We teach.  We inform.  We help people learn about the issues so in 2024 when there are candidates on the ballot who support our principles and tone/tenor of responsible government – we can support their ideas.

Almost all the polls out there tell us that there are 20 percent who are extreme right, 20 percent who are extreme left and 60 percent in the middle.  

The 60 percent in the middle believe in responsible, center-right government.  They believe government has a role to play but it shouldn’t be too big.  They believe in some form of taxation but they should keep more of their own money.  And, they believe that they should have the freedom to live their lives without too much interference from the government.  They want freedom.  

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Absolutely NOT!  We don’t care which candidate or Party you support.  We care that you share the same common interest in our beliefs and ideals.  We care that you care about the issues.  We care that you want to get involved and DO something to get our country back on track toward working TOGETHER – regardless of whose idea it is.

Changing our political discourse could be just one movement away…


Some ask the simple question, “well why hasn’t someone done this?”

Answer? It’s HARD. It requires a lot of effort and person to person conversations to build the infrastructure necessary in 2023.  We can’t do everything on social media or by email.  Sooner or later it comes back down to building relationships with people.   From former legislators to community leaders to grassroots activists; we can and will change the political climate by having a grassroots ARMY!  83 county chairs.  6 regional chairs.  Issue symposiums.  Events.  Getting together to discuss ideas.  These are the things that form organizations – not just social media and emails.